Last update: 10/9/1994

My name is Ton That Manh Tuong. I'm a Vietnamse handicapped person. I and some professors in Laval University (Canada) and other friends in Montreal and Holland just incorporated a non-profit organization called Helping Handicapped in Indochina (HHI).

Our objectives are:

Our current financial needs are related to three small projects:
  1. a research on the current situation of handicapped persons in Indochina with an initial focus on Saigon, Hanoi, Phnom Penh and Vientiane;

  2. setting up a wheelchair workshop in Saigon or Danang;

  3. setting up a day care center for handicapped children in Saigon or Dang.

If you know of organizations or individuals who could be funding these projects or could send contributions to HHI, please let them know our organization. In addition, you may have in mind addresses of friends or acquaintances who could help us through small contributions. Please send them along to us at:

5000 7th Ave W.#3
Charlesbourg, Quebec City, G1H 6Z7
(418)626-2280 and (418)654-8933

Best regards.

Manh Tuong

Ton That Manh Tuong, [email protected]