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Date: Mon, 4 Jul 1994 04:01:47 GMT
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Subject: Windows Programmer FAQ: How to get it

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This is a regularly scheduled weekly posting, which explains how you can obtain a copy of the Microsoft Windows Programmer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list. The Windows Programmer FAQ is an extensive compilation of Windows software development facts, tips, techniques, and other useful information. The FAQ is about 5800 lines long (in ASCII format) or 140K (as a ZIP archive of a Windows Help file).

The Windows NT FAQ, authored by Adam Hamilton, is currently only available in ASCII format.

All updates to the Windows FAQ and Windows Programmer FAQs are posted to the following two newsgroups:      WinHelp format   ASCII text format
The updates are usually 2-3 months apart, depending on the amount of new information and the maintainer's workload.

You can also FTP the FAQs from the following sites:      /pub/win3/FAQ     /usenet/     /faq
The FAQs will have filenames in the format of FAQWINxx.ZIP (Windows), (Windows Programmer), and where xx is the version number. Please do not abuse these sites; limit your FTP activity to time outside business hours (8 PM EST through 9 AM EST, or 0100 GMT through 1400 GMT).

If you wish to retrieve the FAQs using Gopher, you can locate them at

If the news postings have expired on your site, and you have no FTP access, you can obtain it using the decwrl ftp mail server. For instructions, send a mail message to <
EM>[email protected] with a body containing simply:

You will receive a full set of instructions by return mail.

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