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Issue 33. Vietnamese folk song: tha(`ng bo+`m

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                Tha(`ng Bo+`m
Tha(`ng bo+`m co' ca'i qua.t mo
Phu' o^ng xin ddo^?i ba bo` chi'n tra^u
Bo+`m ra(`ng: bo+`m cha(?ng la^'y tra^u
Phu' o^ng xin ddo^?i ao sa^u ca' me`
Bo+`m ra(`ng bo+`m cha(?ng la^'y me`
Phu' o^ng xin ddo^?i mo^.t be` go^? lim
Bo+`m ra(`ng bo+`m cha(?ng la^'y lim,
Phu' o^ng xin ddo^?i con chim ddo^`i mo^`i
Bo+`m ra(`ng bo+`m cha(?ng la^'y mo^`i
Phu' o^ng xin ddo^?i na('m xo^i. Bo+`m cu+o+`i

Little Bom has a fan made of a palm of an areca nut tree
A rich man asks him to trade it for three oxen and nine water buffaloes
Little Bom replies: I don't want either oxen or buffaloes
The rich man offers a pond of fish
Little Bom says: I don't want any fish
The rich man offers a raft of ironwood
Little Bom says: I don't want any ironwood
The rich man offers a bird made from turtle scale
Litle Bom says: I don't want any scale
The rich man offers a handful of sticky rice
Little Bom smiles

TT: I remember in high school having to write an essay on this folk song. 
We had long discussions on Little Bom's behavior that range from a qua^n 
tu+? not after material stuff to being a stupid boy. The one that I 
believe to be the best is that he is a realistic boy. What are his chances of 
getting all these fancy stuff for a fan? A handful of sticky rice in the 
stomach is probably better than fancy promises!

Bo+`m refers to the mane on the boy's head. In the country side, young 
boys used to have their heads shaved with just a small patch left to 
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