These are articles from the Vietnam Bulletin, a weekly publication by the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington, DC, during the period from 1967 to 1975. The original articles were not copyrighted.

These articles are provided courtesy of Dr. Tran Thong. We appreciate his generosity in helping us to preserve such a valuable part of our history.

Article VB1
Tet 1971 in Vietnam! by Phu Si, VB710118.

Article VB2
The Unicorn dance at Tet, by Minh Tam, VB710118.

Article VB3
The origin of Tao Quan, the three kitchen gods, by George F. Schultz, VB710118.

Article VB4
1971 - The year of the Pig, by Van Ngan, VB710118.

Article VB5
The Joy of "first writing of the new year", by Thuy Ngoc, VB710208.

Article VB6
Traditional Vietnamese male attire, by Van Ngan, VB710208.

Article VB7
The legend of Princess Lieu Hanh, George F. Schultz, VB710215.

Article VB8
The dialogue on Mount Na-Son, George F. Schultz, VB710222.

Article VB9
The secret housewife, George F. Schultz, VB710301.

Article VB10
The golden axe, George F. Schultz, VB710308.

Article VB11
Golden age of Viet Nam under the Hung Kings, Pham Tung, TAS720506.

Article VB12
The legend of Chu Van Dich, George F Schutlz, VB701221.

Article VB13
The sandalwood maiden, George F. Schultz, VB7010??.

Article VB14
Legend about Emperor Ly Thai-To, George F Schultz, VB7010??.

Article VB15
Chu Dong-Tu and Princess Tien Dung, George F. Schultz, VB701005.

Article VB16
The husband's most difficult task: teaching his wife, Van Ngan, VB 691216.

Article VB17
Superstition in Viet Nam, Van Ngan, VB6911?? - May 8, 1996.

Article VB18
Hair: VN style, VB7007?? - May 15, 1996.

Article VB19
Funeral rites in Viet-Nam, Van Ngan, VB7006?? - May 22, 1996.

Article VB20
"Non Bai Tho" or the "Poetical Leaf", ???, VB7011??.

Article VB21
The different systems of writings in Viet-Nam, ???, VB710201.

Article VB22
Vietnamese literature in "Chu Nom", ???, VB710201.

Article VB23
The boat of illusion, Nguyet Cam, Heritage Sept/Oct 1995.

Article VB24
Tran Hung Dao's proclamation to his officers, George F. Schultz, VB 710201.

Article VB25
The refined pleasure of tea-drinking, Tuong Minh, The Saigon Times Weekly, No. 238.

Article VB26
The hero of Phu Dong, ADT.

Article VB27
The genie of Ta?n Vie^n, ADT - August 9, 1996.

Article VB28
The magic crossbow, ADT - August 23, 1996.

Article VB29
The legend of tra^`u cau, ADT - September 6, 1996.

Article VB30
Tu+` Thu+'c and Gia'ng Hu+o+ng - November 29, 1996.

Article VB31
Tru+o+ng's wife, ADT - Dec 20, 1996.

Article VB32
The legend of ba'nh chu+ng, ba'nh da^`y and the watermelon.

Article VB33
Vietnamese folk songs: tha(`ng bo+`m, ???, VB710201.

Article VB34
The hundred knot bamboo.

Article VB35
The story of Ta^'m and Ca'm.

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